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The Value of Your Word


Your word is a valuable currency, and can be determined by a simple equation: Honesty + Accountability = the Value of Your Word. When one builds a reputation as someone who is truthful, it is a magnet for sincere respect – from others and from yourself. You can usually sense when someone is lying, or being insincere. Most of us have encountered people who continually bail last minute or have an endless supply of excuses.  Now, not to say that life doesn’t get in the way or far-fetched things don’t happen sometimes – like the time I had to call my boss to say that I was going…

Mental Decluttering


Ever have those moments where you feel stuck? Like you can still function, but your mind is on overdrive and there never seems to be enough time? Or it’s the other extreme where you don’t feel much of anything – where you’re frustrated, struggling to cope, or waiting for something to happen? If so, you’re not the only one. I’m there quite frequently myself. I find that there’s a simple way to mentally declutter, but first, I’d like to share what brought this topic up in the first place. In June, I drove to Jasper National Park to hike. Hiking has come to be a form of spiritual…



Nice to meet you. I’m Michelle and since we’ve just met, there are three things you should know about me: I believe in telling the truth, even though it’s sometimes uncomfortable. I believe life is too short to live in a way that suppresses who you really are. I’m practical, not theoretical. I speak from experience. Not all my experiences were good, not all of them were (at all) admirable, but I learned from each one. Whether the story was feel-good, regrettable or hilarious, I will share it honestly with you. There are two reasons I’m starting this blog. The first is because the art of courage changes…